Mary Ann Duffy, Architect is a sole proprietor firm with the mission of transforming client desire, need and budget into aesthetic environments of well being. Her work aspires to assimilate the historic underpinning of client and context with the contemporary need for change and a more poetic experience of life.

As a sole practitioner, Ms. Duffy uses the model of the design studio, working in lose partnerships, as needed, with a group of other professionals in order to fulfill specific needs. Ms. Duffy teams with Engineers, Lighting and Landscape designers, Cabinet Makers, Masons, General Contractors & Business Leaders, in order to yield the highest quality design and professional services.

Since establishing herself in 1998, Ms. Duffy has worked on small bookstores, Cafes, City interiors, Lofts, Renovations, Additions and occasionally New Homes. She has taught extensively as an adjunct professor and is currently in the process of establishing a partnership with a local graphic design firm in order to also provide signage design and way finding graphics for architecture.